TPT Blog Day 3 – A successful tournament & a hearty dinner

Blackmun to blog on 2017 Top Prospects Tournament

Tuesday morning was an early one as our alarm clock rang at 7:00am to wake us up for our 7:30am breakfast. After breakfast we had to quick shower up and put on our suits as the bus was picking us up at 8:45am to bring us back to USA Hockey Arena. Our East Division team was set to take on the Midwest Division at 11:00am.

We made it to the rink and went through our routines. We did everything we needed to do to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for a big game. The game was again very fast paced and the East Division again came out victorious. The final score was 4 – 2 and it was another good showing by every member of the Rebels. Every one of the Rebels’ players received some well-deserved attention from coaches from the collegiate level.

After our game we spent some time around the rink watching later games and mingling with other players from around the league. Later on that night all of the Rebels players and coach Coombs got together for a nice dinner to celebrate a successful tournament. We enjoyed some prime rib and discussed the highlights of the event. After dinner we went back to the hotel and relaxed for the night. We were all drained from the tournament and ready to head back to Pennsylvania.