TPT Blog Day 2 – A fast paced game & Rebels’ players put on an impressive show

TPT Blog Day 2 – A fast paced game & Rebels’ players put on an impressive show

The Rebels woke up on Monday morning and instantly put their game faces on. The day started off with a breakfast at 9:30am with every team that is participating in the event. After breakfast the Rebels’ players got together and went through our typical game day routine. We went for a nice little walk to get our legs moving and followed it up with a good stretch.

After getting ourselves loosened up we had some chicken and pasta for our pregame meal. Then we caught a quick cap nap, showered up and put on our suits. After waiting anxiously all day it was finally time to head to the rink.

The bus picked us up at the hotel at 2:00pm to bring us on the fifteen minute trip to USA Hockey Arena. Walking into the rink our first impression was that it looked almost identical to the Cambria County War Memorial in Johnstown. We found our way downstairs and went into our separate locker rooms. Gvido Jansons met up with the NAHL Selects while the rest of us found the East Division locker room.

The game was extremely high paced and very fun!

All of the Rebels players put on an impressive performance, and we represented our team very well. In the end our East Division team came out on top and beat Gvido and the NAHL Selects 4 – 2.

After the game we had a nice steak and potato dinner and then got back to the hotel and went to sleep right away. We have an early wakeup call awaiting us for an 11am game against the Midwest Division on Tuesday morning.