Rebels to Host Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend

Team to auction off special jerseys benefiting Pennies in Action Fund

The Rebels will be hosting their second annual Breast Cancer Support weekend October 28th and 29th. The team will be auctioning off its specially-designed, game-worn jerseys to support the Pennies in Action Fund, a non-profit organization that raises funds for a working breast cancer immunotherapy vaccine.

“Breast cancer has personally affected many of us in the Rebels organization” stated team president Ken Dennis. “Studies indicate that one in eight women will be diagnosed with a form of breast cancer in their lifetime. Pennies in Action has a proven track record of providing both the educational information and emotional support many women seek following their diagnosis. We are proud to be giving back to the community as best we can by working with a local, trusted partner like Pennies in Action,” concluded Dennis.

Immediately following the Rebels’ October 29 home game against the Johnstown Tomahawks, fans and the team’s family members will be given an opportunity to bid on the players’ jerseys. The auction will take place in between rinks 3 and 4 at the IceWorks Skating Complex.

“We are excited to bring the Pennies In Action’s “Take Your Shot At Cancer!” movement to where is all started right here in Aston!” says Pennies In Action Founder and CEO as well as IceWorks owner/partner and 7-time Olympic Coach and Competitor Uschi Keszler.  “I realized early that cancer research needed the Olympic Targeted Approach. It all started here at IceWorks right in the lobby with two pennies, and now over 3 million dollars and 110 patients later we are making a huge difference in cancer!”  The Executive Director of Pennies In Action’s Patients In Action Melissa Nicholas knows first hand, “I have a new lease on life because of the hard work of Dr. Brian Czerniecki, Uschi Keszler and the support received from Pennies In Action.  Now if the HER-2neu Breast Cancer I had tries to come back all my labs tests show my immune system will respond to it like a flu. The treatment taught my immune system to recognize this cancer and put my body back in balance.  I am BEYOND THRILLED to give back after receiving this groundbreaking treatment!  All of us at Pennies In Action are so excited to have the support of the Aston Rebels back where it all began.  We will continue our crusade together getting this life saving treatment available where everyone can TAKE YOUR SHOT AT CANCER!”

Pennies is Action is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2007 by Uschi Keszler that currently raises funds for Dr. Brian Czerniecki’s breast cancer research, development, infrastructure, technology, application and patient advocacy. For more information on Pennies in Action, please visit or contact Melissa Nicholas by phone, ((561) 756-0707) or e-mail.