Day 8 Blog – Outdoor rink practice, scrimmage and bowling

Day 8 – Outdoor rink practice, scrimmage and bowling

Day 8 – Outdoor rink practice, scrimmage and bowlingAs the road trip continued, day 8 had much in store. A scrumptious breakfast courtesy of the LaQuinta helped start the morning off right. Some of the boys fired up Belgian waffles in the classic waffle maker. What a treat!

After a great breakfast the boys were fortunate enough to visit the University of Alaska Fairbanks. What a cool visit! The rink was outstanding, the locker rooms were opulent and the coach was informational. This was easily a top moment for the team on this trip!

A quick lunch was in store following the locker room tour with the highlight of the day on the horizon. When the boys arrived at the rink, a typical practice was believed to be up next. Instead a little fun on the outdoor rink pursued. A little warmup drill to help the goalies and then a scrimmage began, coaches included! The cold was not a factor because nothing is more fulfilling then outdoor hockey for a group of die-hard hockey players.

Leaving the ice rink for the day, the boys were desperate for something to fulfill the rest of the day. Pulling up at the hotel, the big moose (Evgeny Yakovlev) told all the boys that bowling would fulfill their needs, and we agreed. After a ten minute drive from the hotel, the team was ready to bowl. Gvido Jansons had the best outing of all the boys, bowling a magnificent 180, beating the next highest score by nearly 50 points.