Day 7 Blog – Travel day, plane and busing issues

Day 7 Blog – Travel Day, plane and busing issues

Day 7 Blog – Travel Day, plane and busing issuesDay 7 was another travel day. We woke up early in the morning and headed to the Soldotna Sports Complex for one last practice in Kenai. We then packed up our gear and headed to the hotel to pack our clothes. After a quick bite to eat we checked into the airport. Traveling through Kenai airport is a little different than flying out of Philadelphia. The size of the entire airport is about the size of one gate in Philadelphia. The check-in, game and baggage claim are all in one room, and there is no security.

We boarded the plane and took off down the runway. But right before the plane lifted off the ground, the pilot slammed on the brakes. Our plane had mechanical problems and we had to deplane and wait for a later flight. After waiting for about an hour and a half, we boarded a new plane and this time we actually took off. It was about an hour long flight to Fairbanks, and the plane only sat thirty people. We landed in Fairbanks around midnight Eastern Time. After getting our bags we found out that we don’t have a bus to travel around town but instead we have four SUVs for everyone to pile in.

We checked into the hotel, had a quick dinner and we went to sleep. We get two days of preparation before game day on Friday against the Ice Dogs.