Day 4 Blog – A long walk and being swept was not an option

Day 4 Blog – A long walk and a being swept was not an option

Day 4 Blog – A long walk and a being swept was not an option

What a day! The fellas knew it was going to be a good one from the start. Breakfast in the morning was hosted at “The Back Door” restaurant. Bacon, eggs and, of course, biscuits and gravy were the choices for fueling the body.

Following breakfast it was time for our pregame walk, a long and stored tradition among the Rebels. This walk is used to keep the legs and mind fresh prior to games. This walk, however, wasn’t just any normal walk. Instead, it involved a lot of exploration into the Alaskan tundra. There the fellas enjoyed a snowball fight, tree climbing and fun!

One can only walk in the cold for so long. So after 30 minutes in the freezing cold we headed back to the Uptown Motel for a little rest.

The next destination on the trip for the team was across the street. A good lunch is deeply needed to jumpstart the boys before the game. Pasta, of course, was the obvious choice for the program meal and let me tell you it was excellent! The rolls were spot on!

As the boys rested one more time before the game, the focus level turned to the Kenai River Brown Bears. Being swept by them was not an option!

The game was no easy task but the boys weathered the storm and trusted in the process. A win was inevitable and we came out on top 3 – 2. There was nothing more rewarding than silencing the Keani fans. Team bonding pursued following the game, and the Rebels looked forward to a relaxing Sunday in Kenai.