Day 12 Blog – Aston … the Rebels have landed

Day 12 Blog – Aston … the Rebels have landed

Day 12 Blog – Aston … the Rebels have landedAs the Rebels packed up following the final game of the road trip it was bitter sweet. The Alaskan tundra may have been freezing and dark at times but it was an experience that brought the team closer. Memories were made that will last a lifetime and one can’t ask for much more than that.

The boys were taking the red eye back to Philadelphia and let me tell you, it was a long day to say the least.

Gaining 4 hours over the course of a day can really mess up the time clock. The first flight out of Fairbanks was at 1:15 am Alaska time (5:15am ET). From there the Rebels traveled to Seattle where a two and a half hour layover would await them. The home stretch was next, with the time of arrival in Philadelphia expected to be 4:30pm ET.

The plane rides were easy. On the way out, excitement and wide eyes attached to iPhones and movies filled the plane. However, on the trip back home nothing but rest was wanted. There was no doubt everyone needed it.

Upon arrival in Philadelphia, a sigh a relief was let out by just about every Rebel. Home sweet home. While the Rebels have Monday off, they get back to work on Tuesday with visions of “W’s” in their heads!

Editor’s Note: Drew Blackmun and Brennan Kapcheck immediately said yes when they learned that another blog covering this year’s Alaskan trip was occurring. They did not flinch or recommend someone else. They each said “that I’ll do it.” I have worked with both of these two gentlemen for two years. You couldn’t ask for more quality people. They are great leaders, hockey players, and most importantly, people. They have an incredible work ethic and strive to be the best. They will be a success in college and no matter what they do in life. I would like sincerely thank them for their time and effort with this blog. Despite the four hour time difference, these two worked hard in getting the copy and photos in on a timely fashion. We hope you enjoyed reading them. It must have been successful since over 1000 people have read the blogs from social media alone!

To Blacky and Kappy … thank you! Your loyalty and dedication to me and the Rebels are greatly appreciated!