Day 10 Blog – Game day & Bellant’s big night

Day 10 Blog – Game day & Bellant’s big night

Day 10 Blog – Game day & Bellant’s big nightDay 10. What a fine, fine day it was. It was your typical game day and to say the boys were focused is an understatement. A light breakfast kick started the day and then it was off to pregame skate. The ice session was short but it was just enough time to get a feel for Fairbanks’ rink along with settling in big game later on in the evening.

It was time for the boys to relax as preparation for the game ensued. There is nothing like getting in the right mindset to play Rebels hockey. Lunch was on the ticket next. Pasta Bolognese with a side of house salad and garlic toast; doesn’t get much better than that!

At this point the boys were ready for the 7:30pm start time. With 5 hours between lunch and the game, napping, Netflix, and meditation engaged. The goalies of course did their weird things. Who really knows what goes on inside their heads?

As game time rolled around the aroma of a win spread through the air. It may not have been the most perfect game but one individual sure as heck gave it his all. Andrew Bellant, or as the boys call him “Bell,” packed the scoresheet with three goals. What a night for the young man from Michigan! The Rebs went on to win 6-4, silencing a loud Fairbanks crowd. What an atmosphere it was.

Sleepy time followed the game as the Rebels focus their attention to game four of this Alaskan road trip.