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TPT Blog Day 3 – A successful tournament & a hearty dinner
Tuesday morning was an early one as our alarm clock rang at 7:00am to wake us up for our 7:30am breakfast. After breakfast we had to qui [...]
TPT Blog Day 2 – A fast paced game & Rebels’ players put on an impressive show
The Rebels woke up on Monday morning and instantly put their game faces on. The day started off with a breakfast at 9:30am with every te [...]
TPT Blog Day 1 – Travel Day and mingling with the competition
After completing the weekend sweep over the Northeast Generals, six of the Rebels’ players hurried home to get a good night’s sleep. [...]
Blackmun to blog on 2017 Top Prospects Tournament
The Rebels have announced today that assistant captain Drew Blackmun will be blogging about next week’s Top Prospects Tournament. Blac [...]
Day 12 Blog – Aston … the Rebels have landed
As the Rebels packed up following the final game of the road trip it was bitter sweet. The Alaskan tundra may have been freezing and dar [...]
Day 11 Blog – A dreary day
And on the final day God said let there be light! The last day of the ever so long Alaskan road trip was here. Snow was falling and mora [...]
Day 10 Blog – Game day & Bellant’s big night
Day 10. What a fine, fine day it was. It was your typical game day and to say the boys were focused is an understatement. A light breakf [...]
Day 9 Blog – It’s all business as the team focuses on the Ice Dogs
Day 9 was pretty uneventful. We took the day to change our mindset from having fun to focusing on getting the job done on Friday and Sat [...]
Day 8 Blog – Outdoor rink practice, scrimmage and bowling
As the road trip continued, day 8 had much in store. A scrumptious breakfast courtesy of the LaQuinta helped start the morning off right [...]
Day 7 Blog – Travel day, plane and busing issues
Day 7 was another travel day. We woke up early in the morning and headed to the Soldotna Sports Complex for one last practice in Kenai. [...]